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Chao Chuan Metal Industrial

about us

Over 30 years of manufacturing excellence with many difficult parts!

Looking for a supplier for challenging parts, conversion parts that you have problems to find? Try us!


We are not the largest but we have proven ourselves here in Taiwan. Our knowledge and experience provide the solution you are looking for.

Metal parts even made by machining, casting and forging could be possible.

When quantities justify, small parts will be slow in production by investment casting, forging and machining, powder metallurgy often is the last resort.

Gears and Pinions - Spur, bevel, and helical

With proper machining and secondary operations, quality to fit the use while cost is down greatly.

Gerotors for oil pumps

We are also proud of our capability to provide design and manufacturing the rotors even quality is demanding.

You’ll get the solution for  your needs when we examine the   possibility. 

our contributions

Industries We Serve!

Bushes in various material such as iron, bronze, or stainless steel

Metal parts for slack adjusters – Rack, Pinion, Gear Control, and other parts

Engine parts, seat belt latches, clutch hub spline,  motorcycle oil pump rotor, shift lever, farming tractor bushes

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