Gerotors For Oil Pumps

Gerotors for Oil Pumps

We have mastered the very sophisticated principle of the gerotor geometry and have developed the software by ourselves. We are capable of detailing profiles of rotors to meet the required clearances.

The tooling is not inexpensive so failing to get the right performance is a risk for customers or manufacturers.

Actual production results by tooling will be different from theoretical simulation. But we have good experiences to resolve it.

Key parameters we need:

  1. Eccentricity
  2. Volume Displacement per Minute
  3. Sizes of Rotors, ID or OD

For length tolerances, through our grinding technique developed, we can achieve +/- 0.007 mm tight tolerances.


Used for air conditioning oil pump

Small sized hydraulic pump rotor

Oil pressure and volume, forward and reverse noise level are critical.

85 mm rotor for car oil pump

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